Buffactory is the first versioning tool for music production. It allow musicians using Ableton Live to collaborate simultaneously on the same project with as many collaborators as they want. With Buffactory, there is no need to wait your turn to modify the project. The updates made on the project by every collaborator are synchronized on Buffactory and each collaborator can retrieve them at any time.

Buffactory is composed of two parts:

• The desktop application:
Compatible with Windows and Mac, the application synchronize your projects with Buffactory. By installing it, you will be able to send update made on a project to your collaborators and to receive updates they made.

• The website:
The Buffactory website is your home for project organization, management and collaboration. It also allow you to find ‘open-source’ projects to remix, or ask to collaborate with their creator.

To collaborate simultaneously on the same project using Buffactory, the first step is to Upload your project to Buffactory using our application.

Then, you will be able to set up your project by editing its name, its privacy policy and invite the people with whom you want to collaborate.

To allow collaborators to work at the same time on the same project, Buffactory introduced a new concept: the sections. A section contains tracks and groups of tracks. You can see it as boxes which contains tracks.

Sections can be reserved by each collaborator of the project. Many collaborators can work at the same time on different section, but a section can be booked by only one collaborator at a time. Section organization is very flexible and depend of you and the working habits of your team. You can give a name to each section to keep it organized. For example, you can divide sections by instruments (Drums, Guitars, etc…), by parts (rhythm, melody, etc…) or by members of the team. You also can move tracks from a section to another with a click.

When a section is booked by a user, tracks contained into it are displayed in black to other collaborator in Ableton Live. You can’t update a track busied by another member of your team, but you can copy that track and propose an alternative version of it!

Each collaborator of the project must have the application installed on their computer to be able to retrieve the project, modify it and get the updates. The application is running in background while you are working in Ableton Live and it displays notification to you when new updates of the project are available. You only have to click on a button to send you modification or retrieve update made by your collaborators without stopping you to work!

We don’t have any right on projects uploaded on Buffactory. We are just providing a service and the project you upload on Buffactory stay your own property. Regarding the visibility on the projects on Buffactory, after a project upload, you are invited to set up the access right of your project. You can define if this project is private (it won’t appear on your profile) or if you want to authorize people to remix it (if a project its private, only collaborators of that project can remix it). So you have to keep it mind that a public and remixable project is considered as ‘open-source’ and could be remixed freely by any user of Buffactory. An uploaded project is by default set to private and non remixable.

More than just a collaboration tool, Buffactory is also a complete cloud solution for musical creation. Upload a project on Buffactory is the best way to keep online backup of your project and your samples. You can access to any project uploaded on Buffactory from any computer without being afraid to lose your work or your samples.


When you invite a new collaborator to work on a project, it must first download the entire project which may take some time depending of the speed of its internet access and the weight of the project.
But after that step, exchanges between collaborators are incredibly faster on Buffactory that on other sharing tools. The reason is that data are sent or downloaded only once. So a project update may take between 0 to few seconds!

At the moment, Ableton Live is the only DAW supported on Buffactory. The reason is the simultaneous collaboration feature which required specific work for each DAW.

Yes, you can access to Buffactory and to your project to any computer which have access to internet.